Wi-Fi Campus

This provides students and faculty with an access to high-speed Internet connectivity within the campus, thus making classes, events, and webinars more effective and advanced. The faculty, students, and staff can access the IT resources and content from anywhere and at any time in the campus.


A library is a collection of books, and possibly other materials and media, that is accessible for use by its members and members of allied institutions. Libraries provide physical or digital materials, and may be a physical location, a virtual space

Computer lab

The computer lab serves as a place where students can come to learn different technological applications, such as coding, virtual design or even excel spreadsheets. It can also serve as a place for students who don't have personal devices to do homework, research, or work on other online assignments.


The importance of museums for students lies in the fact that it helps to enrich their learning in various fields, gain experiences in a new environment, and provide a unique setting for educators to teach students a wide range of topics.

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall in a college is often used by faculty, guest speakers, and experts to deliver lectures, presentations, and workshops on various subjects, ranging from academic topics to professional development and career-oriented sessions.

Medicinal Garden

The objective of the medicinal garden is to create awareness of conservation and traditional uses of herbs and medicinal plants to visitors, and to also be a place where students, farmers, and others can learn how to identify and conserve these important plants.

First Aid Treatment

It helps prevent conditions from worsening – First aid acts as a temporary treatment until further medical intervention can be sought. Effective first aid can help prevent serious situations from worsening.


In broad term facilities in sports include training centers, gymnasiums, stadiums, sports federations, and even universities. They can host several activities, tournaments, and training sessions.


A subsidized canteen fully air conditioned is functioning within the premises of the Institute to serve hygienically prepared food. A delicious, hygienic and wholesome food is provided, catering to the needs of various students, staff and faculty.