Chairman's Message

Shiv Kumar Agarwal



It is said that a leader is born with the birth of every child. The only need is to provide an enabling environment, careful nurturing and effective use of their unbound talents. At the school, our philosophy is to reduce pressure and carefully nurture the student’s hopes and desires while boosting self -esteem.

We believe we all have the capacity to improve and learn. Children develop this capacity at different rates. And just like a potter molds clay, constant encouragement, immense hard work and love can mold students into future leaders. Sparsh world School is leading the charge with smart classes, assessments, music, dance, app based learning and other tools to ensure that no matter what, learning does not suffer.

Students at our school will not compete with each other, but with themselves by constantly raising their expectations and achievements. This will not only make them self driven but also sensitive and empathetic to other's failures and emotions. True learning comes through igniting the curiosity of each child and by guiding till they are free from fear of failures.

We seek to groom future leaders and ensure that each one is physically sound, mentally capable and emotionally secure to face challenges of life. We are but a guiding medium on their way to greatness ensuring they are not led astray

With Best Wishes